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Twister is an enemy of the Teen Titans.


Twister was originally a girl named Theresa who was born in the small European country of Zandia. Theresa started to believe in the teachings of the Church of Blood, which dominated Zandia and which was headed by the sinister Brother Blood. Meeting Brother Blood himself, Theresa fell under his influence and became convinced he loved her. But in fact, Blood regarded her as a potential subject for experimentation. Brother Blood continually sought to find new means of controlling people. The experiments conducted upon Theresa were intended to give her superpowers that would help Blood control others through her. One result of the experiments was to give Theresa the psionic power to induce hallucinations in others. However, the surgical techniques to which Theresa was subjected also horribly distorted her facial features. Moreover, the experiments also distorted her mind, turning her into Twister.

Powers and Abilities

Twister has the psionic power to induce horrifying hallucinations in the minds of others. Ordinarily she does so by making eye contact with her victim.

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