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The Twisted Twin Sisters are the real main antagonists from the new 2015 horror reality show Hellevator, they are portrayed by Soska twins sisters.

They are two woman who watch people enter their hellevator from an old abandoned slaughter house, and bring them to a place where the constestants are about to face their biggest fear.The place is full of different kind of monsters the twins had found, so if one of the three contestants lose their challenge they will be trapped in the slaughter house for ever, but if they win the twins will gave them the money they win for their projects. So they will bring more victims in their traps, and will make them play a game, that all of their victims will not forget for the rest of their life, the twins are also watching their victims in a control room where they propose to them to do the challenge, people have no choice then play their little game until the end for see who will be the winner and who will be trapped inside.

In the second episode three new constestants arrived in a abandoned Asylum, where a evil head nurse called Nurse Brixton was there of her alive life, she kill all of her patients by toturing them. Again one of the cobnstestant is trapped by the monster of the twins, but only two of them get out with all the money they win from the Asylum escaping the evil nurse and twisted twins plans.

Then in haunted house she also attired a other bunch of friends, by also make them challenged their work, they make two new victims who are killed by two ghost from their labyrinth, they let their friend alone for the labyrinth ,but she win the labyrinth challenge.

In a episode a other constestant was alone but didn't get the money, in a episode it was the first episode where all of their victims survived, because they win all of their challenge much to their dismay, but other constestant didn't get that chance to survive.

They return in 2016, with not three constestent for their challenge, but four constentents, who also will confront their fear, because the twisted twin sisters are back with other monsters to ind new victims for their evil deed and will make the live of their new victims a living hell.

Victims killed

  • Reina: Burned by fire.
  • Christian: Blood drained.
  • Alyss: Killed by the father of the children.
  • Jiho: Killed by a doctor
  • Andre: Suffocated by smoke.
  • Michael: Crushed by walls.
  • Ashley: Killed by a mutated scientist.
  • Victoria
  • Dani: Killed by the baker.

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