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Template:Villainous Item Infobox The Twisted Claw is an evil artifact that featured in "The Tale of the Twisted Claw" from the children's horror series Are You Afraid of The Dark?

The Twisted Claw had the power to grant wishes to its users but twisted them in a manner similar to the Monkey's Paw, granting the wish but only through the most unpleasant way possible.


The artifact was given to Kevin and Dougie, a couple of mischievous boys, by Miss Clove - who was in reality a witch: it was given to them as argument and Kevin, without thinking, wished Dougie would "just lose his folks".

Moments later the phone rang and was answered by Dougie, it informed him his parents had been involved in a car crash and fight. Kevin wants to use the Claw to reverse the wishes but Dougie refuses, knowing that it would just twist them.

As the boys argue, the unseen phantom of Dougie's grandfather leaves the car and begins to head for the house: eventually Dougie makes the only wish he could (the one he claimed they should of made from the start) and said he was sorry for breaking Miss Clove's vase and he wished it had never happened. As a result, the Claw's magic was undone and all the evils it had wrought ended.

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