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is the main character & protagonist villain of hentai anime and manga, Brandish. She is a succubus who is fond of a young boy named Theo.


Twiska is a carefree succubus who attacks people at night after night and siphoning their life-energy. One such night, she seizes upon a young boy, Theo, who appeals to her personal preferences.

Although she's sexually depraved whore, she has some morals. She didn't approved the men kidnapping a young girl (in her teens) and the idea she will make fine prostitute. She killed all the men she was involved in a recent Gang Bang a few minutes ago.


Twiska is first seen finding a village & had took interest on it. She began to terrorize the local men by raping them. A local demon hunter confronts her & tries to kill her, only to fails as Twiska strips his armor off & made him cum by pointing her tail at his genitals. She then spotted Theo & took interest in him as she took him & began to rape him in front of the public. His mother tried to stop her, also to fail as Twiska brainwashes her into masturbathing. After making Theo cum, he transforms into an adult version of himself, resembling a legendary demon hunter. Theo's adult self then rapes Twiska, finally defeating her, causing her to blast off as her bat familiar carries her away.

Eager for revenge, Twiska sneaks into an inn where Theo is headed, ties up the waitress & stole her clothes while posing as a waitress. She welcomes Theo inside & as the latter went into the bathroom, she confronts him there bathing & then pleasures him. Twiska then went inside Theo's room after he took a bath & began to have sex with him, only to transform into his ancestor again after she made him cum. Theo's adult self then rapes Twiska, defeating her, causing her to blast off again, while carried by her bat familiar.


  • Due to Twiska's obssession & seduction with Theo, who is a 10-year old kid, the anime adaptation of Brandish only lasted for 2 episodes due to her pedophilic tendencies on him.
  • Twiska's name is sometimes spelled in Japanese as Ziska.