The Twin Masters is the main antagonist of Season two of Hero 108. He is a two-toned demon who is High Roller's master and uses him in his overall scheme to plunge the world into chaos.


Twin Masters was once the prince of Hidden Kingdom, however he wanted complete and total control of all of Hidden Kingdom. In "Time to go Home" Lin Chung was sent back 1000 years into the past. There he met Twin masters in his human form. After learning of his intentions, Lin Chung battled him and sent him plummeting into a chasm. Eventually Twin Masters mastered the power of Chaos and took on his demonic form to return 1000 years later.


  • Rise of Lin Chung-Twin Masters used his chaotic energy to erupt an active volcano.
  • Big Baby Turtles-He enchanted the owl amulet, allowing High Roller to turn the turtles of First Squad into monsters
  • Return of the Pterodactyls-He commanded the Bald Eagles to drink the sap from the ancient trees.
  • Second to None-He hypnotized Second Squad into fighting First Squad.
  • Eyes of Mighty Ray-He stole Mighty Ray's magical eyballs and used them to create a massive storm over Hidden Kingdom
  • The Yeti & Phoenix-He turned Bald Eagle King and Polar Bear King into a phoenix and yeti to reign chaos on Hidden Kingdom.
  • The Professionals-He hired bounty hunters to capture First Squad

Powers and Abilities

The Twin Masters possesses awesome magical abilities and deadly powers at his disposal:

  • Chaotic Energy - the energy that holds the power of chaos.
  • Hypnosis - the ability to control the minds of others.
  • Enchantation - spells and incantations in this collective form of attack.


  • He was voiced by Scott McNeil.
  • His magical attack called "Enchantation" is a combined pun on the two words "enchant" and "incantation".