A faultless love does not exist, there's no perfect feeling in this life.
~ The Twin Dolls

The Twin Dolls are the antagonists of the Vocaloid song Trick and Treat by Kagamine Rin and Len.


Some time ago, a little girl (Miku) has a set of twin dolls (Rin and Len) she loves so much. However, she later loses interest and starts playing with another doll (Luka) instead, throwing her two favorite toys away.

Years pass and the twin dolls return to find their former owner they miss so much and have her only for themselves. In their human forms, the dolls lure the girl through the forest into their house, without her to know who they really are. When she finally is where they wanted her to be, the dolls order the girl to drink some kind of a syrup which makes her unconscious and brings her several visions. The girl sees herself as a little child who is happily playing with the human versions of the dolls. Then the vision changes and the girl now sees herself sitting on a chair with the human sized dolls by her sides. The scenes she sees change many times, only to confuse her even more.

Meanwhile, the dolls put a blindfold on the girl's face, surround her with toys and then stab them all, probably referring to her betrayal of them. When the girl finally wakes up, she looks through a slit in the blindfold. As soon as she sees her hosts' small shadows, she realizes they are actually her old toys. Meanwhile, the dolls notice the fear in her face and turn her mouth into smile with their fingers.

At that time, a memory suddenly comes to her mind and she remembers how she got rid of her beloved twin dolls and played with another doll instead. Realizing they are back now and want their revenge, the girl is very frightened. However, she has no chance to escape, as the dolls desire to have her forever and only for themselves in return. They eventually take the girl's heart, killing her.

Later, the girl's body is found in the forest, with twin dolls by her sides.


  • The song refers to a Japanese tradition of not throwing doll away or there would be spiritual repercussions. Instead, they organize a kind of doll funeral.
  • Some have speculated that the Dolls' names are Trick and Treat, the title of the song.


Trick and Treat Rin & Len

Trick and Treat Rin & Len