Twilight Thorn

The Twilight Thorn is a minor villain in the videogame Kingdom Hearts II. It is a Nobody that attacks Roxas while he was in the Dive to the Heart.


When Roxas was at the Dive to the Heart, he kept sensing a strange presence nearby. As he turns around, he spotted what he had been sensing. For a brief second, Roxas sees a figure wearing a Black Coat, before it transforms into the Nobody known as the Twilight Thorn. Despite being scare of the creature, Roxas confronts the mighty Nobody. Despite the creature's best efforts, the Twilight Thorn ended up getting destroyed by Roxas.

Powers and Abilities


  • The Twilight Thorn is basically the Nobody version of the Heartless known as Darkside.
    • The only difference is the Twilight Tworn only appeared in one game thus far.