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The Twilight Cage Pirates Symbol

The iconic symbol of the Twilight Cage Pirates.

The Twilight Cage Pirates are former members of the Nocturnus Clan, and, true to their name, are pirates who reside in the Twilight Cage and prey on space ships, as well as Sonic's world (although they do not care about this). When they are encountered, they appear in battle as Nocturnus Praetorian.


The Twilight Cage Pirates like the excessive space in the Twilight Cage, and caused much havoc, although this caused them to be banned from the Nocturnus Clan.

Rouge constantly prods at him for this, saying that it was unusual for pirates from another dimension to speak in such a way. He argues with her, explaining that it's a speech impediment. This is probably untrue, because he only mentions this when Rouge gets on his nerves.



  • The Roman story of Emperor Elgabalus and his Praetorian guards rebelling is similar to the Twilight Cage Pirates betraying Lord Ix.
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