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Twilight in the PONY.MOV series is depicted as basically the opposite of the canon character, as the canon Twilight is nice, loving, caring, and an all around great friend and student, the Parody Twilight is a rotten friend, a crummy student, and an obnoxious bitch. But Magic MOV and her first appearance in Apple MOV is what cements her as a villain because of her uncaring adittude and being responsible for R–Dash 5,000 and the un-named Demon.

Regardless, she does have a sense of morallity (albeit skewed) when it comes to trying to stop a more monsterious verson of Discord; but it falls short due to her being incredibly incompetent and obnoxious (and having a pain-in-the-ass assistant in the form of a parodied Spike to boot, who mostly ridicules her). Although she does have some caring for her friends, but not in the way canon Twilight would, when Canon Twilight sees it through, Parody Twilight basically gives up. She is the one parodied character in the series to have a voice that closely resembles the canon character, the other characters being voiced by men.

It is to note that virtually every member of the Mane Six is a villain protagonist, or at least a jerk and a bully, in the PONY.MOV series.


The episode starts out with Jappleack eating apples like it was no other day, proudly stating her love for them. A crueler version of Twilight later enters the scene and tells Jappleack that she can't eat all those apples. Thinking she was being challenged for her love for apples, Jappleack begins to gulp down more apples to prove Twilight wrong. All the while, the other parody versions of the mane six arrive to the scene to watch Jappleack eat more apples. After Jappleack was done gulping down the basket of apples, she was congratulated personally by a meth-addicted purple dragon named Spike (parodying the real Spike that eats gems and jewels) who laughed and called her crazy. Being irked by this "praise", Jappleack bucks Spike to a tree, resulting an apple falling down to the ground as if reminding the apple-hungry pony her addiction. Jappleack gets more apples and begins to eat wildly, to the amazement of the other ponies. She ate so fast that eventually, for some reason, she gets high from eating too many apples (it is believed that in her universe, the seeds in the apples are filled with cyanide) and goes through a Matrix-like experience, except with more apples than ever. The episode ends with a huge-bellied Jappleack lying on the ground suffering from some severe spasms, to the brief concern of Spike before stating that she'll be fine. A fully-swallowed apple gargled up Jappleack's mouth as Twilight remains amazed at Jappleack's apple eating ability.


She is first seen with Spike over-looking the choas being made by a rampaging and monsterious verson of Discord, she does seem to have a heroic side and states the Elements of Harmony must be found.

After Twilight fails to get Fluttershy (because of poking her in the butt repeatingly in the butt) and Rainbow Dash (who was a jerk.) to help her find the elements of harmony to stop a rampaging Discord, she turns to Rarity, who insists she can't, and that she's attending to family, only to have the lie exposed when Twilight comedically squeezed her head out of the mail entry, to find out that Rarity has enslaved over 30 illegel mexican immagrants. Rarity tried to innocently explained that they are still family, that they come over, look at her posters that say "Rarity is watching you", and occationaly whips then, which she tries to pass off as pretend to prevent concern from Twilight, stating that it's a pretend game, and a family tradition, only to faintly exposed her lie by saying they're not allowed to leave. Twilight responds, questioning the morally of this, then suddenly makes a stupid face. Rarity only responded with a racial insult by saying Mexicans aren't real people. She can also be shown to break a child's fingers for talking about his eging fingers from making a lot of dresses, which Rarity tries to pass it off as an act of generosity, then walks torword a mirror to brag about herself, then a girl walks up to her, saying she's thistry, only to have Rarity respond by hacking up spit, then giving her the tainted cup. The girl asks if she or the other mexicans are ever gonna be paid, only to have Rarity pretend that she didn't understood what the girl said. Rarity slams the door open on the still stuck Twilight to see Fluttershy, then gives the dress to Flutthershy, then brags again how "Generous" she is, only to be captured by an abnormally large Mexican man, who said to her, "Rev-o-lu-sion." Rarity responded by saying she didn't understand what he said, the Mexican stated he said Revolusion, to the dismay of Rarity. The Mexican took her in to the boutique to then have presumably other mexicans attack her, as Twilight is seen comedicly falling down like a flat peace of something or another as a fight is heard.




After the video starts with distasteful slaughtering of Princess Celestia (this was written by someone who dislikes anti-celestia memes or anything negitive to Celestia), Twilight and Spike are seen at the grave yard (or appearently Pony bone yard as Spike said) because Twilight knows that (based on canon) the Elements of Harmony won't work unless the six chosen users are present, and she comes forth to Rainbow Dash's grave (she was killed by Fluttershy in SHED.MOV) with the intention of resserecting her, with Spike calling her "one crazy talking horse", and laughs about it. Twilight brings out a book of dark magic arts called "Ponynomicon", (a parody of magic being considered "The dark arts" or "The Forbidden arts") and intends to use a dark magic reserrection spell, with Spike joking "How about you reserect my penis...With Sex." with Twilight comedically responding with an angry, comical face at Spike, with Spike asking "What." Twilight does the spell, (overly-dramatically one might add), and a symbol on the book appears, turning into a portal, but it releases a demon in a black shirt that saids "Wolfmother" instead. It walks to destroy the town with Discord, starting with a high-five, with Twilight and Spike staring shocked that this accured. Twilight only said it was the wrong spell, with Spike asking "Any more bright ideas, Einstein?" Then an audience laughter is heard, as Spike does comical things, then poses to show "That's Spike!". Twilight smugly responds she's full of ideas, and that she's a genius, then takes a crap for no appearent reason. Later, she creates the R-Dash 5000 to replace Rainbow Dash, thinking that if the real Rainbow Dash can't be brought back, then making a new one is the next best thing. Spike called her an idiot. Twilight grows a finger, and presses the button that turns on the robot, and then goes on to become yet another problem, with neither Spike or Twilight doing nothing to stop it. Twilight and Spike stared comically again as the new madness ensues. Spike then joked "Smooth move, smart guy", the same thing from before happens again, with the addision of his head spinning around, he poses, then spins around in a cheap editing effect, then the "That's Spike!" appears again, this time grabbed by Twilight, stating she is not giving up yet, with Spike noticing she is starting to go off the deep end, with Twilight stating it's not a first time thing, and as she overly explains it, as they past a series of gag tombstone jokes, they go to dig up Rainbow Dash's grave, and Twilight and Spike steal Rainbow Dash's body, then the body was placed on an operating table, with Spike stating that it's "Fucking rad.", as she starts to poke Rainbow Dash's body. Twilight warns Spike that if anyone knows about this, they would turn on them for violating natural laws, with Spike responding they're gonna rape Rainbow Dash, with Twilight saying they would be in trouble, but Spike saying that she said "Anybody" instead of "Anypony" (a poke on the real show's tendency to use horse puns), and doesn't see the point of it, and that he would've known what she meant if you said anybody, and that it's the kinda thing being done because it's a fad. He then picks a worm off of the corpse, and ate it. Spike started to get annoyed by Twilight's anger, and said he gets it, and wants to get it over with. He also complains that his girlfriend is trying to get him to quit weed (it's doubtful it's Rarity, considering the idiotic parody of her). And so the process begins through a monage of music and a "Frankinstain" parody, and after such, it zaps the body, and then, it basically failed. Twilight complained that it worked in the movies, with Spike responding that there is no sense in beating a dead horse. Twilight gave up and had Spike to go bury her again. Spike, instead, did the oppisite, and smacks Rainbow in the face for not giving him a birthday present last year. Then Spike calls her a "Fucking bitch!" then actually proceeded to bury her, the video then cut to Twilight trying to write a friendship report to Celestia, (appearently unaware of the gruesome before thing) but falls short due to her own idiocy, and throws it into the garbage, while the robots, Discord and the demon are shown destroying the town still. And then, Spike does the same rotten thing as before.


Twilight appeared into the episode trying to cure Pinkie, (not out of kindness, but to stop an impending doomsday the series briefly forgot about aside from a quick camio) through an intevention with her friends. However, was but Lyra, Bon-Bon, Spike, The Derpy toaster gag, and Paco (who kinda became a recuring theme in the series) as Twilight asked where are the other main 6, with Spike stating that Applejack is in a coma (ignoring the blog spin-off), Rarity is held hostage by mexicans (proving she is alive), Fluttershy is at the mental aslyum, and Rainbow Dash is dead (until the final episode), with Spike ending it with a strude remark. Thus followed Pinkie puking on him, to his clear disgust and annoyence, stating he should've stayed in bed, followed by the audience laughed again.

Twilight pleads to Pinkie to stop her addiction, but Pinkie responded negitively, and said something that confused Twilight. Then states Twilight has a hosre face, (which ended up as a random image joke), then Pinkie states they ain't her firneds, then proceeds to drink again, with no one attempting to stop her, and Spike only ends up becoming impress with her abuse to the vodka to the point of cheering for her, thus followed with her passing out. then quirts blood at the disgusted again Spike. Twilight only stated this could've gone better.



  • Twilight was introduced as the main antagonist because she created R-Dash 5000 and did villainous acts (Such poking Fluttershy in the butt), however, after she reformed in SWAG.MOV, the true main villain took her place.