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Tutenhawken was an ancient monster who battled the Dino Rangers. It was a giant hawk-like humanoid who once ruled Ancient Egypt; inflicting curses. Its name was based off of real egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen.

In the episode, the Dino Rangers went on a field trip to the museum. Tutanhawken was a display and Ethan, the blue ranger read his hieroglyphics which awoken him from his sleep. He put a curse on Ethan and began wreaking havoc on Reefside. Seeking a queen, Tutanhawken found one in Cassidy, the Rangers reporter friend and captured her. Tommy Oliver learned that Ethan can break his curse if he engages Tutanhawken in a duel and defeats him in the air. Tommy then builds a triceratops hovercycle for Ethan designed to fly.

Though Tutanhawken was not one of Mesogog's monsters, Elsa joins him in the fight against the rangers, With his new hovercycle, Ethan defeats Tut and breaks his curse. He is then grown to larger size and the rangers fight him while Trent duels with Elsa. Tutanhawken is defeated by the Mezodon easily destroyed Tutanhawken in rover mode.

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