Tutankoopa is the main antagonist of Chapter 2 in the video game Paper Mario. He has the appearance of an Egyptian Magikoopa. He is fought inside Dry Dry Ruins. He works for Bowser and holds the second star spirit, Mamar, captive.


When Mario raised Dry Dry Ruins and entered, Tutankoopa attempted to scare him off with ghostly warnings, at one point threatening to curse him (when he entered a room with the Super Hammer in it). He claimed to be a huge, scary monster, but when Mario entered Tutankoopa's room, he discovered him to be about the same size as him, and an Egyptian Magikoopa. They battled, and Tutankoopa set Chomps on Mario. After being defeated, Tutankoopa was chased off by one of his Chomps. He has not been seen since except in the credits.

In the credits parade, Tutankoopa is being chased by a Chomp like in the game, and avoids it, only to be chased by three more Chomps.


Tutankoopa has 30 HP, an attack power of 3, and a defense of 0. He stands on a platform so the only hammer attack that can reach him is Hammer Throw. Parakarry is the best partner for the battle. He can throw shells at Mario, summon a Chomp (there can only be one Chomp at a time), or cast a spell to make pieces from the ceiling fall. Sometimes, they may hit him and knock him off his platform. It is easier for Mario to focus his attacks on Tutankoopa rather than the Chomp. If Mario has 15 FP, Parakarry at Super Rank (so Shell Shot does 6 damage) and the Hammer Throw badge equipped, a Hammer Throw and Shell Shot each turn will defeat Tutankoopa in three turns.

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