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The Turtlebot is a robot copy of the TMNT in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 series. The Turtlebot was created by Baxter Stockman. The robot can copy their fighting styles and weapons (katanas, sais, bo and nunchucks).

In the 2003 video game, Stockman created the robot to steal from stores and frame the turtles. The TMNT fought the robot three times before destroying it.

The robot appeared in the episode "What a Croc", created by Baxter Stockman to kill the TMNT. Stockman lied to Leatherhead that he is a friend of the Utroms and the turtles are the ones that caused the TCRI building to explode. Stockman sent Turtlebot to kill the TMNT. The robot scans the TMNT and fights them off by copying their fighting styles. They tried to fight the Turtlebot together but it defeats them easily.  They destroyed the robot by switching their weapons.

After the robot was destroyed, Stockman tries to kill the TMNT and says about their fights when he worked for the Shredder. Leatherhead found out about Stockman's lies and that he was using him.  Baxter Stockman escapes and causes the old lair to be destroyed.