Turmoil is a villainess with a Russian accent that arrived over to Megakat City, with a simple: either the city officials paid her two million dollars in gold or she use her vertigo device to make nobody ever use the skies of Mega Kat City again.

Turmoil has a massive flying airship, lots of technology, and female pilots called the Omega Squadron.

When Turmoil nearly caused a commercial airliner to crash with her vertigo device, the Swat Kats and the pilot of the airliner were able to make the plane land safety. Lieutenant Felina Feral tried to arrest her, however she failed.

When the Swat Kats tried to stop her, Turmoil fell in love with T-Bone and captured him.

T-Bone was presented with an offer by Turmoil: either he become her second-in-command, or she kills him. He agreed, and was given a flight commander’s uniform bearing Turmoil’s insignia, but before he could be fully trusted, T-Bone would have to prove his love by killing his sidekick Razor.

However, T-Bone and Razor were able to defeat Turmoil since T-Bone double crossed her. When the Enforcers sent her to Alkatraz, she still had feelings for T-Bone. The relationship between T-Bone and Turmoil is like Batman and Catwoman.





Speaks Russian and English


-According to Mark Lungo’s guide for the series in Animato!, Turmoil was originally supposed to reappear in a second episode entitled Turmoil II: The Revenge, in which she would escape from prison and gain control of a high-tech weapons satellite.

-Commander Ulysses Feral was intended to be the one Turmoil corrupted.