I hate Christmas. I hate gingerbread houses. I hate presents and toys. I hate reindeer and all of the good girls and boys. I hate the Whos down in Whoville, and all of their songs. I hate their wumpets and flumpets and boo-back for bronze. I hate carrots and slay rides and "Fa-la-la-la-las". But above all things else, I hate Santa Claus.
~ Turles' song to Gohan about how he hates Christmas.

Turles is the primary antagonist in Team Four Star's Christmas Tree of Might. He is a Saiyan who managed to escape the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He seeks to rid the Universe of Christmas joy, as he never got to experience Christmas.

He is voiced by Hbi2k.



The Misfit Minions

After Krillin wished for a Christmas tree using the Dragon Balls, Shenron redirected the navigation system on Turles' spaceship to Earth. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, Turles sent his Misfit Minions to go plant the Christmas Tree of Might to suck all the joy out of Earth.

He later traveled to Earth and gave a speech to Gohan about how he hated Christmas before grabbing him. Piccolo attempted to save Gohan but ended up getting blasted by Turles. Turles then forced Gohan to transform into his Oozaru form and sicked him on Goku. However, Goku cut off Gohan's tale, making him revert back to his original form.

Goku then confronted Turles, initially mistaking him for Vegeta. He explained to Goku the reason he hated Christmas so much was because he never got to celebrate it, as Santa Claus never traveled to his planet. He then ate the fruit from the Christmas Tree of Might that contained Earth's joy causing his power level to "grow three sizes that day." Turles then beats up Goku and tries to make him denounce his faith in Santa, but Goku refuses. Turles then seemingly defeats Goku and leaves to plan his New Year's party. But, Goku is then sees a vision of Santa Claus, who tells him that the joy of Christmas lies in his heart. Goku then uses the power of Christmas to summon a Spirit Bomb, which he throws at Turles, making him explode from all the joy.

Afterwards, Goku comments that they would have happily shared their Christmas with Turles, and Santa explains that he always tried to visit Planet Vegeta, but the Saiyans would always try to shoot his slay down. Santa then thanks Goku for saving Christmas before going off to deliver his presents.