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Gobble gobble, motherfucker!
~ Turkie
Turkie is the main antagonist of the 2009 american independent comedy horror film, ThanksKilling.


He is first seen killing a naked pilgrim with an axe while saying Nice Tits Bitch and mysteriously dies later offscreen. He was ressurected by a dog that was peeing on him. He then killed it by biting it. Turkie went back onto killing spree and there are now new weapons after his original life ended and kills a driver with a gun. He later kills a female women by killing her again biting. He was with a Teen's Dad and Mom (offscreen) and he skins the sherrif (Dad) and slits the Mother's throat. The teens arrive and think he is the Sheriff but when they see the Turkie has fooled them he dressed up as a cartoon turkey which was eaten by one of them named Billy and he ripped through Billy's chest and says Gobble Gobble Motherfucker, now thats what I call fowlplay. Billy's courpse was mourned by his friend a nerd (one of the teens) but later he tries to kill them but gets shot and thought to be killed...... BUT later he gets radioactive and kills the nerd by ripping off his tongue, he injured one of the remaining teens but one of them killed him by lighting him one fire and onto his teepee (which he lived in as a Indian which he was before coming as a poccesed turkey) killing him he later was revived as meat and attacks a family setting the upcoming sequel.


He's your ordinary turkey but talks and kills.


Coming soon!