It takes special qualities to be a good quartermaster--strong contacts in the leagues, an eye for a bargain and utter ruthlessness--and Turbot Smeal was the greatest quartermaster of them all!
~ Captain Wind Jackal on Turbot Smeal.

Turbot Smeal was the main villain in the Quint Trilogy of The Edge Chronicles books.

Before The Books

Turbot Smeal was a ruthless Sky Pirate Quartermaster. He was the first Quartermaster to work with Captain Wind Jackal, and also started The Great Fire Of The Western Quays. Shortly after Wind Jackal became Captain of the Gakerider, Smeal approached him and requested to become a member of his ship.

Wind Jackal accepted Smeal as Quartermaster. Turbot Smeal came to many unpleasant arrangements with The Leagues, but Wind Jackal always stood in the way of his worst proposals, such as slave trading. One day, the Leaguesmaster of the League of Furnace Tenders, Purlis Havelock, approached Wind Kackal and offered to pay a large sum of money in return for raiding a sky ship belonging to the League of Smelters and Stokers, which had a cargo of woodtroll slaves. Wind Jackal agreed on the condition that the slaves were to be returened to their village, Turbot Smeal made the arrangements and the Galerider set off.

After raiding the ship, Havelock began boarding the slaves onto his own ship. Wind Jackal realised that Smeal had secretly made a separate deal with the leaguesmen. Wind Jackal saved the slaves, and sent them home. Smeal, driven insane with anger, set fire to The Western Quays, the biggest fire of all time.

When Wind Jackal returned, the entire town was ablaze. Wind Jackal's wife, Hirminia, and six of his sons all perished in the fire. The only son that survived was the youngest, Quint. Wind Jackal swore revenge on Smeal, but found out that the evil Quartermaster had also been killed in his own devastating fire.

In The Clash Of The Sky Galleons

Around fifteen years later, a sky pirate, Thaw Daggerslash, pretended to be Smeal, and murdered Wind Jackal. Thaw was eventually found out not to be Smeal by Quint, and was killed at the end of the battle of the sky ships.