Tuna McGillis is a surfer and childhood rival of Reef. He always thought he was better, until Reef and Broseph beat him and Betty Sandstone in a tandem surfing competition in "Boards of Glory".


Boards of Glory

Competing at the Surf Contest along with Betty Sandstone compete Fin and Reef but they lost to Reef and Broseph (due to Fin's Accident to her Shoulder.) That depresses their boss Captain Ron.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam?

He pranks along with Captain Ron, Betty Sandstone, and Captain Clam.


He became the new sponsor for the Energy Drink. Try to pose but Fin and Reef Came to put a fish in his shorts. Then he got up and he was nude and they hit him in the groin and collapsed.

The Day the Sea Stood Still

He and Betty Sandstone get in the boat to stop Lo Ridgemount, daughter of Ron's Business Rival and the saw the golf target at them instead they both jumped out of the boat then it got destroyed.

The Captain, The Grom, His Job and Her Dream

He is not fond of Fin being of working with Ron. Until Ron fires her.


  • He's named after Stoked creator Tom McGillis