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Tummyhead is a villain in Ben 10: Omniverse.
Tummyhead prof (1)


Tummyhead is a multi-color skinned bipedal alien. He has two heads on one body. He wears blue overalls. He appears to have been stitched together, as some of his skin is a different colour than the rest of his skin. He also has screws placed in random places on his body.

His lower head (Tummyhead) is pink with yellow eyes and red pupils.

His upper head (Dummyhead) is tan with black eyes and red pupils.


Tummyhead's upper head (Dummyhead) has a dim-witted and child-like personality while his lower head (Tummyhead) is smarter and more mature.


He was first seen in The More Things Change: Part 2 fighting against Ben along with the other thugs.

He was at Psyphon's auction in Special Delivery and almost bought Fistina but Dummyhead dissuaded him. He was trying to get the Dwarf Star from Ben just like the other villains.

He made a cameo in Rad.

He was seen in Return to Forever in Undertown where he and Sweet-Eels Sparklefunk attempted to rob humans in a tour bus. However, Ben and Rook appeared and Sweet-Eels and Tummyhead forced to fight. Tummyhead fought Rath but was eventually defeated by him, while Sweet-Eels was defeated by Rook.

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