Tugwell was a minor villain in the TV movie Cast a Deadly Spell. He was played by Raymond O'Connor.


Tugwell served as Harry Bordon's enforcer. Like Bordon himself, and almost everyone else in Los Angeles, Tugwell knew magic. He possessed various dark powers which he used to eliminate people for his boss. He wore an all-white suit and was usually seen accompanied by a hulking zombie henchman. He was a sadistic killer who enjoyed his work. Whenever he went to kill someone, he referred to it as "going to get some air."

When Mickey Locksteader brought Bordon a copy of the Necronomicon with blank pages, the enraged gangster sent Tugwell and the zombie to kill Mickey. At the train station, Tugwell cornered Mickey in the men's room, and used his powers to create a whirlwind of paper around him. The paper sliced into Mickey over and over, cutting him to bloody ribbons; essentially killing him with thousands of paper cuts. However, he made the mistake of killing Mickey before asking him what he did with the real Necronomicon, a particular blunder which would come back to haunt him.

Tugwell also later attempted to kill his boss' former partner Lovecraft in a diner called the Owl Wagon by paying the manager to cast runes at the detective, cursing Lovecraft to get attacked by an oatmeal monster. However Lovecraft survived the attempt, and he and the diner's dishwasher locked the creature in the freezer.

After Lovecraft managed to obtain the real Necronomicon from Larry Willis, he took it to Connie Stone's apartment - only to find Tugwell waiting for him with Mr. Bordon and the zombie. Tugwell took the book from Lovecraft and gave it to his boss, who lamented he would've had the book sooner if his henchman had asked Mickey Locksteader where it was before killing him. Bordon explained that the failed attempts to locate the book could all be traced back to this one mistake. He then had the zombie drown Tugwell in Connie's bathtub.