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Tug Monster is a pink monster who first appeared as one of the Monster kids in Little Muppet Monsters.

In Michael Eisner's introduction in The Muppets at Walt Disney World, the monster and the Luncheon Counter Monster show up and maul him when Gonzo stated that he will take care of that.

Tug made appearances in Muppet Time who sings songs to Milton in the 2 sketches. On the baseball segment, he swore to him that he wouldn't sing and follow the rules while they are going to play baseball. However, he started to sing and Milton interrupted him to warn him not to do so and he continues to disobey him when he keeps having to be told to quit singing. After 3 violations he has done, the baseball started to sing and he told him the truth it wasn't him and it was the baseball on his baseball glove. After Milton joined in to sing a song, Tug, Milton and the baseball sang all together.

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