T Daniels

Carlton Daniels, better known as Tug Daniels, was an African American inmate featured in Oz.

He was portrayed by Wu-Tang clan member Method Man.

Daniels is an African American who is an acquaintance of Oz inmate Burr Redding. His older brother Gray was murdered in 2000 by inmate Supreme Allah. As the Homeboys are at war with Allah, Redding informs him of a visit that Supreme is having with his girlfriend. Tug comes to the visiting room and assaults Supreme with a toothbrush shank supplied by Arnold "Poet" Jackson. Supreme lives and Tug is charged with attempted murder sentenced to 28 years up for parole in 14.

The sentence is meaningless to Daniels however as he has a spot in Redding's gang. He acts as a main soldier and enforcer to Redding and attempts to murder Italian inmate Chucky Pancamo in the gym. The S.O.R.T. team breaks it up however and the prison is put in lockdown. Tug also berates Augustus Hill on a regular basis for snitching on Burr.

Tug displays himself as Redding's most loyal soldier in every way but it is all part of a secret plan he has with Supreme Allah. Supreme and Daniels are working together getting Burr Redding, Enrique Morales, and Chucky Pancamo to be exterminated so that they can run the drug trade. Tug decides that Supreme is actually a worthy ally because he lived through the shanking so he wishes to assist him in running Oz.

Redding however finds out after his cellmate Colonel Edward Galson sees Tug Daniels and Supreme Allah meeting together. As a result, Redding strangles him to death in the gym after Poet pays off the COs. His body is then discovered in the cafeteria dumpster by O'Reily during lunch.