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I feel like a snack. Give me a candied head, will you?
~ Tubo feels hungry from selling things.

Tubo is the greedy owner of Tubo's Swap Meet in Lobo: Webseries. He loves being successful until his store went sour and that Sunny Jim arrived to sell Darlene for 2000 credits. As Lobo arrived, he killed the store owner.


Tubo was a giant alien who began his own swap meet. It was very successful until the business became sour due to drunk customers shooting the other ones. Tubo has slaves which make him candied heads for snacks. Tubo came across a misogynistic escaped con who wanted to sell Darlene for two thousand credits. But Tubo refused since he wanted to sell the waitress for parts. Lobo arrived to intercept the offer and Tubo blew Lobo's head clean off. All of a sudden, Lobo's head regrew and got into a fight with the malicious merchant. Lobo put an explosive cigar inside Tubo's mouth and exploded him into a bloody mess. After Tubo's death, the fate of his store was uncertain.


Tubo is a giant purple alien with green clothing.


Tubo uses a fire arm to shoot people who don't fit with his store and is very strong.


  • "What's wrong with her?"
  • "What the hell? The rest I can sell for parts."
  • "Not with THAT ass."
  • "Take a hike, hairball!"



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