Tubby Fenders

Tubby Fenders

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Son, you gotta chose: the bitch or the brothas!
~ Tubby to Dr. S on choosing Marci or his gangsta-rap lifestyle.

Tubby Fenders, also called "T-Fibby", is one of the 3 main antagonists of the 2003 romantic comedy movie Marci X.

He was portrayed by Billy Griffith.


Tubby who is the co-founder and executive producer of a music recording label company called Felony Records, is a long-time friend of controversial rapper Dr. S and sexy musician Yolanda. All was well until the arrival of the American-Jewish uptown princess Marci Field.

During Dr. S' visit to Tubby in jail, e tried convince his old friend S to stay away from Marci for his relationship with her affected his career and his life style. He even send Yolanda out to have his attaention before Marci interferred.

Later, at the MTV Awards ceremony on live national television, everyone was there, including Marci and Ben Field, Senator Spinkle with her son Chip, even Yolanda Quinones. Dr. S played his new hit called "In the Butt" as everyone was shocked at it and Yolanda laughed as it soon ruined S' new love interest Marci. Tubby celebrates with his boys as the song played live on live TV across the country.

After everything was right with Senator Spinkle and the world, and the relationship between Dr. S and Marci Field, Tubby finally got out of prison and recent changed his ways as well as his name to T. Fibby.