Tubal-Cain is the main antagonist of the epic 2014 film Noah.

He is portrayed by actor Ray Winstone.

Role in Noah

The film begins on a hill, and on that hill, we are introduced to Noah and his father Lamech. Lamech was about to pass down the skin that was originally from the Serpent from the Garden of Eden to Noah. As he was passing it to Noah, a young king named Tubal-Cain arrived with a large crowd, with the intention of making the hill a mine. He then murders Noah's father, and takes the Serpent's skin. Noah runs off in fear.

Years later, when construction on the Ark was nearing completion, Tubal-Cain and his men started to consume human flesh because food was low. Tubal-Cain then tries to invade the Ark through force, but he retreats because the Watchers forced him to. When the flood waters began to fall on the Earth, Tubal-Cain manages to get into the vessel, and he plays with Ham's anger towards his father for letting Na'el, a woman he just met, die when she got her foot ensnared in an animal trap. He later uses Ham as a pawn in his attempt to kill Noah.

After the flood waters had stopped falling, Ham lures his father to the edge of the vessel, and he and Tubal-Cain engage in mortal combat. The ark hits a mountain, and Tubal-Cain is thrown through the shattered wall of the vessel. While injured, Tubal-Cain manages to make his way back onto the Ark. When it finally seemed like he would kill Noah, a repentant Ham fatally stabs Tubal-Cain in the ribcage. Despite Ham's betrayal, the wicked king accepts his fate as he succumbs to his wounds, saying his last words to Ham, "Now you are a man."