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TubaZord 2
The TubaZord 2 (O-10) is a MegaZord Beta, with the properties of the Tubaloid 2, namely the right arm and the pipes on it's chest, with the horn serving as it's head.

Like it's Metaloid counterpart, this MegaZord has the ability to produce sound waves, which would destroy anything that was hit by the first TubaZord's sound waves.

However, thanks to an ingenious plan, Blue Buster in GT-02 Gorilla used a recording of it's sound waves to neutralize it's own sound, leaving the MegaZord open for CB-01 Ace to disable it's horn with a slash from the Buster Sword, then was hit by a Dimension Crash from Go-BusterOh.


  • Height: 49.5 m
  • Weight: 2410 t

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