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Tuba is a minor antagonist that appears in "Eternal Sonata". He is the captain of the guard of Forte Castle and one of Count Waltz's lackeys. He was voiced by Shirou Saitou in Japanese and David Jeremiah in English.

In the game

Near Forte Castle, Tuba was seen speaking to Allegreto and the others claiming that he already knew what they were up to. After knocking Beat unconscious, Tuba and the others fight. Afterwards, the party was arrested and thrown the dungeon. After hearing about their escape, Waltz ordered Tuba to eliminate them all, except for Salsa because she was a guardian of Agogo Forest.

On Cabasa bridge, he encounters and fights the group again. This time after the battle, he willingly destroys the bridge to make everyone fall off, thus killing himself in the process.

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