Tupari ParliamentofDreams04


My orders are quite specific. You are to know pain. You are to know fear. And then you are to die at the required hour. I confess I'll be happy when this assignment is finished. Allaying the target's suspicions can be so time-consuming.
~ Tu'Pari

Tu'Pari is a villain from the Babylon 5 season 1 episode Parliament of Dreams. He was portrayed by Thomas Kopache


Tu'Pari was a memeber of a Narn assassination agency known as the Thenta Makur. Upon the death of a Narn Ploitiacian named Du'Rog, all of the man's fortune was given to hire an assassin to completely destroy G'Kar .

Tu'Pari killed a Narn messenger to Babylon 5, assumed his identity, and took a transport to the station. Once there, Tu'Pari placed a black rose in G'kar's quarters, as is the sign of the Thenta Makur. Tu'Pari was easily able to kill the body guard G'Kar hired from N'Grath.

Tu'Pari eventually lured G'Kar into an obscure part of the station, than knocked him out. Tu'Pari than began torturing G'Kar, until his aide, Na'Toth, came to help. Although Tu'Pari recognized na'Toth as only trying to trick him, G'Kar still had enough time to attack his assassin. Tu'Pari is last seen leaving the station, with th knowledge that he will be killed the Thenta Makur.