Tsumujimaru is a villain and boss from Sorcer Striker. He is a giant ninja who was once a member of the same clan as Miyamoto. After his master denied him knowledge on their order's Sacred Scrolls, Tsumujimaru killed his and stole the scrolls, fleeing with them. He eventually joins the Gobligan Empire, seeking to obtain their magical powers and become stronger. Miyamoto decides to pursue Tsumujimaru to seek revenge against him.

Tsumujimaru is fought on the last stage, during the boss rush section on the Gobligan Colosseum. He fights by running around the arena tossing shurikens, as well as spreading kunais and calling on the help of his ninja underlings. Once defeated, Tsumujimaru commits Seppuku and explodes.

Tsumujimaru appears again as a secret boss in Armed Police Batrider. He also appears in the remake Dimahoo, where he takes the same role as the original game.