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Tsukiko Johjima

Welcome to the Castle of Nightmares. I am your greatest nightmare.
~ Tsukiko Johjima

Tsukiko Johjima is the final boss of Castle of Shikigami III, later appearing as a supporting character in Shikigami no Shiro Nanayozuki Gensoukyoku.

The real Tsukiko is a childhood friend of Kohtaro Kuga, his brother Shintaro and Roger Sasuke. However, she is bedridden on hospital, apparently into a coma. The Tsukiko that appears in the game is an illusion created by the castle upon the memories of it's visitors.

Tsukiko has four different forms total, making for a very long fight. Her first form is her human form, which fights with a katana. On the second and third forms she assumes a more monstrous appearance. On the final form, she turns into a gigantic fetus, with various eyes around the body which must be taken down before taking on the last target, her humanoid body atop the monster's head.

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