Tsubasa is one of the Orochi Necks of the anime Kannazuki no Miko.


Tsubasa is a bad guy, but loves his brother. The kind of bad guy of Tsubasa is the villain that is shrewd and never allows feelings stops his goals; he killed his father and become a sociopath guy because this; according him, Souma is a jerk because he gives his life to help a girl that can't love him; he did not help the Orochi's in the fight against Chikane, so, he is a villain with no strong friendship. But, how he loves Souma (however, he is relentless when teaches something to him), he also is the kind of villain that only does good things for a single person.

The other Orochi's Necks always discuss between them, but have friendship and helps and heals the injured Orochi's Neck, but Tsubasa never took and stayed with the other members, and never helped them.


As brothers, Souma and Tsubasa are two Orochi's Neck, and in their childhood, the father of their abused Souma. So, Tsubasa killed his own father to protect Souma; how he becomes a criminal guy, he gives Souma to another family because someone like Souma does not deserve a criminal brother.

After, Tsubasa goes serves Orochi, and when all the Orochi's members were defeated, Tsubasa goes fights against Souma (first, he tries to induce Souma to serve Orochi, but perceives that Souma is in love with Himeko), and how he is the strongest Orochi's neck, he almost defeats him, but, Souma wins the battle and Tsubasa becomes depressed in the same posture during various episodes.

After Chikane defeats all the Orochi's, Tsubasa goes the fight against her, but decides don't finish the fight and get away. After, he asks to Souma if he wont be a jerk or doesn't, and Souma answers he wish fight for Himeko. So, Tsubasa uses his sword to frees Souma from the Orochi's curse to he continues being an idiot if he wants.

After Chikane's sacrifice, Tsubasa became a happy and normal men.