Tsubarov is the chief engineer of OZ and the Romefeller Foundation and a secondary antagonist in the first half of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

A brilliant engineer and technical designer, Tsubarov was thuggish and brutal in his personal dealings, which put him on a collision course with both Treize Khushreneda and his adjutant, Lady Une. He is voiced by Richard Green in the English dub.


A gifted engineer, Tsubarov was valued by the Romefeller Foundation for his technical expertise, and designing ability. The Mobile Dolls were his most prized invention, from the earliest Leo-based suits, to the later models which were capable of space flight. Tsubarov displayed an inordinate attachment to the Mobile Dolls, and his obsession with perfecting them ultimately played a role in his downfall.

He gets yelled at for not killing the Gundam pilots.

He hates when Mobile Suits and he even hates them even more when the Mobile Suits become stronger than the Mobile Dolls.

Tsubarov was captured by the White Fang, and imprisoned by the rebels, who claimed they would make him regret designing the Mobile Dolls. Escaping during a battle between the White Fang and Wufei's Altron Gundam, Tsubarov made his way to his control room, where he unleashed the Mobile Dolls, ordering them to kill anything they saw. As the entire complex collapsed around him, Tsubarov's mind snapped, from fear, stress, and anger. Ranting about how he and his precious Mobile Dolls were invincible and would one day rule the world, Tsubarov was killed in the explosion of the facility. His death, and the seizure of his technology by the White Fang, marked the beginning of the end for the Romefeller Foundation, and the start of the colonial rebellion.


Personality-wise, Tsubarov was a thuggish, unpleasant individual, whose plans lacked all subtlety. When confronted with a problem, his solution was inevitably to apply more and more brute force. He had a short temper, a loud angry voice, and a tendency towards ranting when he was mad (and he was mad a lot). His only loyalty was to himself and his Mobile Dolls, as evidenced by his betrayal of Lady Une, one of his project's staunchest supporters. Tsubarov liked war, as it gave him the chance to demonstrate just what his Mobile Dolls were capable of, and relished the opportunity to hurt people, showing an utter lack of morals. He had no qualms about turning the Mobile Dolls loose in populated areas, and attempted to murder the Gundam pilots due to a petty dislike. He was also highly mentally unstable, and experienced a total breakdown shortly before his death, during which he claimed to be invincible.