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Tru is the protagonist of the dark, 2015 hood crime thriller film 730.

He is played by Tru (it's a little confusing, whether this movie is supposed to be based on himself, given the actor is the name of character as well, if anyone has info on this, whether this is supposed to be based on himself, please feel free to contact me).

Tru is a tragic villain. He's a former convict trying to go straight and raise his kids. However, many circumstances drive him to the point of not being able to take it anymore. His girlfriend, Kim cheats on him with a major drug dealer, and threatens to take his kid. In the process, Tru does many bad things. He beats up Kim towards the end. He also has a very racist parole officer, who often unfairly accuses him of being dirty. Many of his villainous acts includes shooting his parole officer when he insults his mother, and beating up his girlfriend for taking his son away.