Bun! Patty! Toppings! Sauce! ASSEMBLE!
~ Griffin
Watch your mouth, you pestiferous little maggot!
~ Troy

Troy and Griffin are Kurt Bozwell's right-hand men and the secondary antagonists in the 1997 Nickelodeon film Good Burger.

They were both respectively portrayed by Hamilton Von Watts and J. August Richards.


The two of them are first shown training Mondo Burger employees (including Dexter) in a very drill sergeant-like manner. When Ed and Dexter discover that Mondo Burger uses illegal chemicals to enlarge their burgers, they restrain the two and have a friend who works at an insane asylum kidnap them. They also break into Good Burger along with Kurt to poison Ed's sauce.

After Ed and Dexter escape and sneak into Mondo Burger, Ed tries to steal a can of their chemical, but decides instead to use as much of it as possible to overload the meat supply. This results in Mondo Burger's destruction. Troy and Griffin are last seen being questioned by police officers, and it can be assumed that they were arrested along with Kurt.


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