Troop Master Norton (after mutation Norton Dragon) is the Acting Troop Master of Troop Bushido and the secondary antagonist in the 2014 video game Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive

Norton is first met as the Player is looking for Bryllcream at the Japanese Heritage Museum. Norton claims he is looking for Bryllcream, though the Player does not buy this. After kicking 4Kim out for agreeing with the Player that he is a dick, Norton tasks the Player with disabling some Fizzco transmissions that are interfering with their efforts to locate Bryllcream.

It is revealed that it was Norton who was the one responsible for Bryllcream's disappearance, after he tricked Bryllcream into meeting him while Bryllcream was looking for food at the hot dog factory, resulting in Norton locking Bryllcream in a garbage truck. When confronted by Bryllcream about this, Norton refuses to surrender and drinks a can of OverCharge, and merges with a dragon statue to become a boss monster, the Norton Dragon. He bursts out of the museum, taking Bryllcream with him.

Boss Fight Strategy

The key to defeating Norton Dragon is to grind along his back and then strike his head with a melee attack as he is flying around the district. The first run will be uncontested. After the first hit, Norton will grow spikes along his spine that must be shot off before it can be ginded on again. He will also shoot fireballs which can be shot. You will have to traverse around to do the grind attacks, and watch out for fires around the city. After a third attack on Norton, he will drop dead.


  • Troop master Norton is the first named character to turn into a type of OD.