The Tron Family, known as the Vetrix Family in English version, is a family/organization appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime, led by Tron. Other members are the three brothers, III, IV, and V. Their true surname is "Arclight".

Their attire is very medieval in design and they have crests on their hands (with the exception of Quinton, whose crest is on his forehead), as well as a tattoo-like Duel Gazer marks used instead of a mechanical one, just like Kite Tenjo and the people working under Dr. Faker.

They have knowledge of "Numbers" and collect them to get their revenge on Dr. Faker. However, they had no knowledge about Chaos Xyz Evolution until Yuma played his own "Chaos Number."


  • Tron
  • V
  • IV
  • III