Cats eye

The Troll is one of the villains in the Stephen King horror/thriller anthology film, Cat's Eye and the main antagonist of the film’s final segment, General, despite having little screen-time.


He is a tiny troll that mysteriously appears from a magic hole like a mouse and attempts to steal Amanda's breath, but the cat named Genaral battles the troll, but the troll kills Amanda's parrot and escapes

After General was framed for killing the parrot, he escaped the pound and rushed to Amanda's rescue to fight the troll. The troll landed on a record player, and General sped up the record faster and faster until the troll can hold no longer and toppled right into a fan, thus killing him.


  • The late Gene Siskel called him a “gremlin” during the review of the film with his partner, the late Roger Ebert.
  • He was voiced by the famous voice actor, Frank Welker.