The Triumgorate is the collective name of three Lieutenants who serve and protect the House of Gitt. According to their descriptions and context, they once were humans who were killed by the sacred dragon Greygnarl. When a mysterious menace brought them back to life, they reincarnated as the humanoid animals they are best known as.

The Triumgorate is formed by:

  • Lt. Goreham-Hogg: Uses a mace and his brute strength to fight and is in charge of looking after rebel prisoners.
  • Lt. Hootingham-Gore: Able to resurrect the undead , he uses powerful magic to fight.
  • Lt. Goresby-Purrvis: Uses a sword to fight and holds great respect for a worthy opponent.

Along with King Godwyn, they were resurrected by Corvus, out of spite for mortals and Celestrians. The fallen Celestrian resurrects the trio yet one more time (without King Godwyn this time) to face the hero/heroine on his/her way through the final dungeon.