The Trio de Major are the lackeys of Howling in Suite Pretty Cure♪: Torimodose! Kokoro ga Tsunagu Kiseki no Melody! who first appear to be taking orders from Aphrodite who is possessed. The members of this group are Sharp, Flat and Natural.


At first the trio appears to look like a boy band and wears clothing appropriate to pop stars. They seem to be polite but are after the healing chest as those are their orders. Later to fight Pretty Cure they transform into huge monsters which are very powerful.


They seem to be working for Aphrodite in the movie but are actually minions of Howling. Sometime before the movie they started serving the possessed Aphrodite as she froze everyone in Major Land. When Pretty Cure shows up to figure out what is going on they are ordered to steal the healing chest along with the crescendo tone. The confront the cures as they are trying to reach Aphrodite but they are defeated with alot of difficulty.


Just like the Trio the Minor (Falsetto, Bassdrum and Baritone), Siren, and Mephisto, they can make Negatones from the scattered notes. They have also the power to fly, teleport and transform into powerful monsters; Natural to a blue monster who has the power to control electricity with an attack named Giga Thunder, Flat to a green monster who has the power to control ground with an attack named Tera Ball, and Sharp to a red monster who has the power to control fire with an attack Mega Fire.


  • They are the second "Trio" who can control and make new Negatones.
  • Their attacks, Natural's Giga Thunder, Flat's Tera Ball and Sharp's Mega Fire can be combined to one bigger and more powerful attack.
  • They are the first "Enemies" who can be defeated and destroyed fully with Music Rondo and Heartful Beat Rock