Trinity @ Knockouts Knockdown 1

Trinity is a professional wrestler who has competed in TNA and in WWE, mostly as a heel (villainess).

Trinity started out in TNA as a babyface, but she would become a villainess months into her tenure as a Knockout. Her heel turn began when she choked out backstage interviewer Goldylocks and it was further cemented shortly afterward when she aligned with Vince Russo. In her villainous role, Trinity feuded with Knockouts such as Traci Brooks, Jacqueline, and Angel Williams.

Trinity left TNA and joined WWE in July 2006 on the ECW brand, serving as the valet for the Full Blooded Italians. At Cyber Sunday, Trinity turned villainous during a Women's Championship Lumberjill Match between Lita and Mickie James, doing so by siding with Lita and leaving with the heel lumberjills. In her last appearance in WWE on April 1, 2007, Trinity served as a heel lumberjill during a Women's Championship encounter between Melina and Ashley Massaro at WrestleMania 23, and celebrated with Melina while displaying her villainous persona after the match ended.

On March 17, 2013, Trinity appeared on TNA's first Knockouts Knockdown PPV, which aired on September 6, 2013. Trinity portrayed a villainess and displayed her heel persona by flexing and giving wicked smirks during her entrance. Later on, the evil Trinity competed in a losing effort against ODB.

As a villainess, Trinity was arrogant and a trash talker, and she often flaunted her strength.