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Trinavarta (refered to as Trinavert by Kans) is the second secondary antagonist in the film Krishna Aur Kans. Like Putna, Trinavarta is probably one of the most wicked to the demons Kans sends to destroy Krishna, and is perhaps the most deadly as he is a sadistic sorceror-like demon whose vile deeds involve him turning into a tornando and wreaking havoc where-ever he goes. After Putna's defeat and dissapearance, Emperor Kans summons Trinavarta and sends him to eliminate Krishna. Arriving in the form of a tornado, Trinavarta wreaks havoc in the village in which Krishina resides, as witnessed by Krishna and his mother Yashoda. Trinavarta spots Krishna in Yashoda's arms and sucks him out and takes off with Krishna. Our hero gains the upper hand however, fights and defeats Trinavarta.

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