Trina Vega is the older sister of Tori Vega, the protagonist of Nickelodeon's hit show Victorious. She often serves as a main antagonist at times when Jade West does not. She is self-centered, rude, mean, egotistical, has a God complex and is extremely eccentric. She constantly declares how impressive of a performer she is every second of the time she's on-screen and shows complete denial over the cruel reality that she has absolutely no talent as a performer in any way shape or form. When she can't get her way in may instances because of this, she'll often lash out in manic and enraged manners rather than be forced to face the truth. She nearly faces the facts in the episode Helen Back Again when she's almost kicked out of Hollywood Arts, but this is outdone by Tori staging a fake mugging that Trina saves Helen (the new principal) from so she can stay.

She was played by Daniella Monet.