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Sir Trillram (in Japanese: トリルラン Toriruran) is one of the knights serving under Saazbaum, and an antagonist from the anime Aldnoah Zero. He pilots the Nilokeras.

Personality and Character

As part of the Martian nobility, Trillram is quick to look down upon those of lower status such as Terran immigrants. He also looks down on the native Terrans as well, which ultimately led to his downfall.

He also takes an exceptional degree of joy and pleasure on the battlefield, finding watching people die and watching them in moments of hopelessness to be extremely entertaining.


He managed to convince Count Cruhteo to go to Shinawara to plant a flag where the princess was allegedly killed. In reality, he was to kill the Martian conspirators who took part in the princess' assassination. He managed to kill all of them with his mech, except for Rayet Areash, one of the conspirator's daughter. She was rescued by a UE evacuation APC. As long as she is alive, he must stay in Shinawara to kill her. While pursuing her, he finds out that the princess is still alive and that her assassination plot failed.

He was killed by Slaine Troyard in The Children's Echelon when he enraged Slaine by revealing that his faction organized the assassination of the princess. Slaine stole the pistol in his belt and shot him multiple times in the chest. \