Trigon is one of the main antagonists of the 2013 Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go. He is Raven's demonic father who seeks to conquer Earth He appears as a supporting antagonist in Season 1, one of the two main antagonists later anti-hero in Season 2 and returns as a minor antagonist in Season 3 and 4.


In Teen Titans Go!, Trigon happens to be more 'kid-friendly' while retaining his demonic nature and evil intentions. Aside of his huge demonic form, he is also capable to modify his size to a human size and presents himself as an affable and friendly father of Raven, getting along well with the Titans, except Raven who knows his true nature. He's also seen playing kite with the Pretty Pretty Pegasus (a parody of My Little Pony franchise) motif and wears pink shirt. Trigon even gives various gifts for the other Titans, giant muscle mass for Robin, dog hand for Cyborg, ability to turn into anything other than animals for Beast Boy, ability to speak like a teenage Earth girl for Starfire (which turns her into a Valley Girl) and wings for Silkie. When Raven finally gives in, Trigon finally reveals his true nature that he wants Raven to kill her friends, and then go out with his daughter for ice cream. The Titans finally realized his deception and used his gifts to send him back to his realm, with Raven locking him and noting that he may be back for Thanksgiving.


  • Trigon is the first Teen Titan parent to be a villain, and is also the only Teen Titan parent in the show, besides Robin's parents.
  • Trigon is considered to be the most dangerous antagonist as he can crush the Titans (as shown in the episode "Caramel Apples".)
  • Even though he is the main antagonist in "Caramel Apples," Starfire feels sorry for him.
  • Trigon does not appear in later episodes so it's possible that he was killed, banished to another dimension or is not up to date.
  • Trigon is the first major villain to be introduced.
  • Trigon's character resembles Satan, as both are powerful demons eager to take over the world.