Tricia 6teen

Tricia Holmes is the secondary antagonist in the TV Canadian series 6teen. She was Caitlin Cooke's spoiled and self-centered ex-best friend. In the end of the first episode, she ends her friendship with Caitlin after she sees her working at a part-time job. Tricia first appears shopping with Caitlin and leaving Caitlin’s side at the end because of Caitlin’s new job. Tricia has starred in more than ten episodes. Each time she attempts to try to ruin Caitlin’s life and/or continuously ruins Caitlin’s attempts at a new boyfriend.

When Tricia comes over, she listens to Caitlin's tale about having gotten a job and then tells Caitlin that they shouldn't hang out any more. Caitlin is shocked by her ex-friend's betrayal of her, but cheers up by remarking that the rest of the group are now Caitlin's friends. In "Losing Your Lemon", Tricia encourages Caitlin to go on a shopping spree just to get her back into debt.



  • Tricia shares similarities with Heather:
    • They both wore braces in middle school.
    • They are both bossy, manipulative, selfish, and snobbish.
    • They are friends with dumb blonde and end their friendships at the end.
    • Tricia with Caitlin, Heather with Lindsay.
    • They both hate the loner and the prep.
      • Tricia with Jen (prep) and Nikki (loner), Heather with Courtney (prep) and Gwen (loner).
    • They both wear a tank top and high heels.