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Tricia 6teen

Tricia Holmes is the main antagonist in the TV Canadian series 6teen and was Caitlin Cooke's spoiled and self-centered ex-best friend. In the end of the first episode, she ends her friendship with Caitlin after she sees her working at a part-time job.



  • Tricia shares similarities with Heather:
    • They both wore braces in middle school.
    • They are both bossy, manipulative, selfish, and snobbish.
    • They are friends with dumb blonde and end their friendships at the end.
    • Tricia with Caitlin, Heather with Lindsay.
    • They both hate the loner and the prep.
      • Tricia with Jen (prep) and Nikki (loner), Heather with Courtney (prep) and Gwen (loner).
    • They both wear a tank top and high heels.