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Triceratron is a minor antagonist of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. He is a mechanical triceratops and the main villain of one of Billy's favorite toylines. He holds the possission as the leader of the Jurassic Creeps.

When Billy learned that he was too old for toys, he had Grim decapitate them all in sadness. Just as Grim was going to destroy them, Billy begged for one more day with his toys. Grim agreed, and shrunk Billy to their size and used his dark powers to bring the toys to life. Triceratron, seeing that he and the Jurassic Creeps were alive, prepared to war against their archenemies, the kindhearted Dinobonoids. Unfortunately, Billy succeeded the leader of the Dinobonoids (the old one was taken away by a squirrel) and ordered Triceratron and his cronies to build a fort in the yard.

While exploring the jungle of grass, Triceratron and his Jurassic Creeps located Billy's house. They had never seen such a large structure before, and decided to explore. While inside, they injured Billy's cat and met Grim, who was sitting on the couch watching television. While in a conversation with Grim, Triceratron revealed that he never wanted to be evil, but rather wanted to be a Go-Go Dancer. This all changed, however, when he saw Grim's magical scythe, and it was then that he realized being evil could truly benefit him.

Triceratron and the Jurassic Creeps thought of a plan to steal Grim's scythe and use it's powers to rule the world. They made him a cake and, while they were bringing it to him, they tossed it at his face and stole the scythe while he was subdued. While trying to use its powers, he accidentally killed one of his minions. He attempted to get the information on how to properly use it out of Grim, but Grim wouldn't tell. Triceratron decided to try for himself, preparing to kill Grim with his own scythe. Fortunately, the dark magic keeping Triceratron and the rest of the toys alive wore off and Triceratron dropped dead.

He is likely a parody of Megatron, and the Jurassic Creeps being a parody of the Decepticons.

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