Trial E

Trial E

Trial E: A Shooting-Type Undead based on Garren's data & DNA. Destroyed by Blade King Form's Royal Straight Flush. Another appeared in the Hyper Video Special Kamen Rider Blade: Blade vs. Blade, disguised as Kenzaki wearing a red scarf, it copied the Blay Buckle and transformed into Kamen Rider Blade. He fought the real Blade to a standstill with the clueless Sakuya Tachibana and Mutsuki Kamijou unable to tell the obvious difference until Hajime Aikawa came in and called out Blade's name, exposing Trial E as the impostor when it reacted faster than Kenzaki. He was eventually defeated by Blade's Jack and King Form with the help of Leangle's Remote Tapir and Garren's Gemini Zebra.


  • Trial E wore a scarf when disguised as Kenzaki and as Blade. Scarf-wearing riders had not been seen since Kamen Rider ZX.
  • In the Showa Era Kamen Rider Series, doppelgänger riders were distinguishable by having scarves that were a different color from the real rider.
  • Being a doppelganger of the main rider, this also somewhat alludes to the fact that many titular Showa Era Riders of their series wore scarfes; in terms of the scarf's color being red, it may specifically allude to Kamen Rider Ichigo, Nigo, Super-1, and Skyrider.
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