The TriShreddatron is a character that was to be used in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series.


TriShreddatron was to attack Baxter Stockman, who now has a human body and has been made Agent Bishop's Secretary of Agriculture. According to the fan, "Ch'rell would have been the Triceraton Shredder. He would have taken over the body of a Triceraton Soldier... If you removed the Triceraton Shredder's helmet it would just be Ch'rell wrapped around this guys face like a face hugger".

According to episode notes, the original plan was for Ch'rell to hollow out the Triceraton's stomach and control the character from there somehow; Laird's suggestion was to have Ch'rell invade the Triceraton's skull.

In episode notes, the character is given the name TriShreddatron (as opposed to "ton", as the species' name is normally given).