The Tri-Sentinel is a Sentinel created by Loki, that is a villain from the Marvel Comics and an enemy of Spider-Man.


The Tri-Sentinel is a 60' ft robot sentinel, weighing over 220,000 lbs. It has three pairs of arms, and has three faces on it's head.


Creation of the Tri-Sentinel

The Tri-Sentinel was apparently created by Loki. Loki created it by merging three different types of Sentinels. It was sent to kill Spider-Man when he was Captain Universe. Captain Universe was able to defeat the Tri-Sentinel.

Tri-Sentinel's Return

Some time later, the Tri-Sentinel later reappear again to fight Spider-Man but without his cosmic powers. With the help of Captain Nova they were eventually able melted the sentinel's head, defeating it, hopefully, forever this time.

Powers and Abilities


The Tri-Sentinel

The Tri-Sentinel's has the powers of three Sentinels. Some of the powers include: Superhuman Strength, project energy bolts out of his eyes and hands, spray tear gas, flight, generate energy shields, can regenerate damaged systems, and release of tentacles from its palms. It also used its inner components as projectiles (but only uses this ability if people are inside him).