Trevor Thomas is the main antagonist of 1996's A Very Brady Sequel, the sequel to 1995's The Brady Bunch Movie. He was portrayed by Tim Matheson.


He is an archaeologist who was the partner and assistant of Carol Brady's first husband Roy Martin. They uncover a lost artifact of a horse that is one of only two in existence (each worth $20 million). Roy sends the horse home to Carol ahead of them to keep it safe, which impeeds Trevor's apparent plan to steal it. Years later, Trevor, claiming to be Roy, shows up to the Bradys and uses this rouse as a means of finding the horse and stealing it from them so he can sell it to a collector in Hawaii. His plan is complicated by how the Bradys react to his arrival and Roy's supposed return.

Trevor manages to find the horse at an auction before taking it back to the Brady household. After Carol's kids find out the horrible truth, Trevor holds Carol hostage and ties up the kids and Alice before leaving to Hawaii with the horse. Carol manages to escape from Trevor after his jeep's tire blows out from a piece of broken relic giving her enough time to reach Dr. Whitehead's mansion in order to warn him. Trevor reaches for the mansion and shows Whitehead the horse and demands his $20 million, but Whitehead refuses and reveals that not only did Trevor sabotage the boat with the horse, but also reveals that his son, Gilligan of Gilligan's Island, was first mate on the boat. Carol also reveals that her husband is also the professor. Trevor demands his money by pulling out his gun, until Mike and the kids arrive in time to save Carol and Whitehead. Trevor lays a punch on Mike, but Mike blocks it and punches Trevor sending him into the pool. The Hawaiian police arrive and arrests Trevor where is put to jail for a long time.