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The guns and crank in this area go through Phillips Cartel, or they ain't going!
~ Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips Enterprises, also known as the Phillips Cartel (also called an industry or corporation), is a business in Grand Theft Auto V run by Trevor Phillips. They mainly deal with drugs. Trevor wants to expand the weapons trade by shipping firearms to the drug cartels in Mexico.

The group is also a violent rival to The Lost Brotherhood, Varrios Los Aztecas, the O'Neil family, the Cheng family and (to a lesser extent) the Ballas once Trevor becomes associated with Franklin Clinton. The group managed to wipe out most of their rivals towards the end of the game.

However, the business is held together almost entirely by Trevor; if Franklin and Michael decide to kill him, a message from Ron suggests that it fell apart after his death.


Trevor Phillips: Boss

Ron Jakowski: Under Boss.

Wade Hebert: Informant.

Chef: Meth manufacturer and occasional muscle.


  • Oscar Guzman: Arms smuggling contact.
  • Franklin Clinton: Hired gun and friend of Trevor Phillips.
  • Michael De Santa: Hired gun and friend of Trevor Phillips.
  • Online Player: Hired gun.
  • Lester Crest: Tech expert and friend of Trevor Phillips.
  • Lamar Davis: Friend of Trevor Phillips.
  • Ortega: Drug and arms dealing partner. (Formerly)
  • Johnny Klebitz: Drug and arms dealing partner. (Formerly)
  • Floyd Hebert: Provided new base of operations.
  • Mushroom Hank: Buyer.

Equipment and VehiclesEdit

The group owned many vehicles and equipment in their business. They had pistols, pump shotguns and AK-47 assault rifles. Their vehicles consist of a 2-door Bodhi pickup truck, Sanchez dirtbikes, sports-oriented quad bike Blazers and Frogger helicopters.

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